About Us

ShantiWorks is a small feminist organisation in Richmond, Melbourne, designed to work for equality, peace and justice.

ShantiWorks aspires to live these principles through all areas of its work; projects, evaluations, supervision/counselling, training and consultations.

Our fundamental ethics include:

  • Working from a gendered anti-oppressive lens centralising the multiple and varied experiences

of people because of their lived experiences;

  • Working from an intersectional feminist perspective, recognising any individual or community

is more than one identity and requires recognition of multiple sites of power and oppression;

  • Working to identify what is already working well and what this reflects about peoples’ skills,

intentions etc;

  • Appreciating skills and abilities as a resource for support and change;
  • Developing collaborative, engaging and dignifying support relationships;
  • Bringing forward each person’s expertise in relation to their own lives and work;
  • Situating ourselves in positions of discovery in relation to people’s intentions and

capacity to learn and change.

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