Dr Tracy Castelino

Dr. Castelino has been working in the field of violence against women for more than 20 years. This has included direct service and management roles with women and children’s services and men’s family violence prevention and intervention services. She is currently engaged with several primary prevention projects which utilises her gender violence prevention and intervention expertise. She continues to work with women and children who have been subjected to violence in their homes and provides supervision to domestic violence and men’s family violence teams. Dr Castelino continues to provide counselling and group work as this grounds her knowledge and skills in providing supervision and training. She is regularly called upon to facilitate partnership work, within organisations and across multi-sectoral collaborations. She is skilled in working with the local politics and taking care of people and process to bring forward positive outcomes.

Lisa French

is a social worker living in Melbourne and has worked in the field of violence against women in Victoria and Queensland. She has worked in direct practice as an advocate and coordinator of a domestic violence crisis support program. Lisa remains engaged in working directly with women and survivors of violence providing individual counselling. She is a facilitator and trainer and is passionate about creating a space for meaningful group and community conversation that allows for critical discussion and action.

Susan George

is trained in Social Work; Community Development and Counselling. She has worked in areas including; a range of specialist family violence services; women’s and youth homelessness, women exiting prison; disability including Mental Health; Alcohol & Other Drugs; Refugees and Asylum seekers and community health. She values her many years of direct service, which are foundational in her facilitation of group work, training and individual and group supervision. Her work is grounded in principles of gender and social justice and human rights; these principles inform her practice with individuals and communities. She identifies as a white woman, descendant from colonisers of Aboriginal land and challenges racism at macro and micro levels in our community. She is currently involved in capacity building work in the area of violence against women within the AOD Sector. She has joined the ShantiWorks’ team in January 2019 and provides supervision, training and counselling.

Maya Wilson

is currently completing a social work degree at Victoria University. Maya is passionate about social justice, and is striving to help change our society to an equal place for everyone. She wants to work with people who are discriminated against, to offer them a safe and respectful space to work together to challenge systemic intolerance. Maya is hoping to work in the field of domestic violence, as well as working with her peers to collaboratively explore the discourses  and training around respectful relationships and consent; in her work with the ShantiWorks’ team they are trying a different lens for learning and teaching with young people. Maya joined the ShantiWorks’ team in 2018 as part of an internship, and now, works with the team to provide administration, events and resource support. Maya was part of the team for ShantiWorks’ Project ‘Beyond Consent: Capturing the Wisdoms of Young People Project’ – this was an exciting Project that provided opportunities for learning together about new ways of thinking and being in sexual relationships. She is pleased to be part of the second phase of this Project in 2019.

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