Our Team

Tracy Castelino

Snip20140810_3Dr Tracy Castelino founded the ShantiWorks organisation.  Dr Castelino has been working in the field of violence against women for 20 years. This has included direct service and management roles with women and children’s services and men’s family violence prevention and intervention services. She is currently engaged with several primary prevention projects which utilises her gender violence prevention and intervention expertise. She continues to work with women and children who have been subjected to violence in their homes and provides supervision to domestic violence and men’s family violence teams. Dr Castelino continues to provide counselling and group work as this grounds her knowledge and skills in providing supervision and training. She is regularly called upon to facilitate partnership work, within organisations and across multi-sectoral collaborations. She is skilled in working with the local politics and taking care of people and process to bring forward positive outcomes.

Kristen Sheridan

Picture of Kristen2

Kristen Sheridan was invited to become an associate of ShantiWorks in February of 2014.  Dr Castelino recognised Kristen Sheridan’s ethical stance in relation to social justice, her work within violence against women projects and experience in the welfare sector as complimentary to the ethics and practices of ShantiWorks.  Kristen Sheridan has a Masters in International and Community Development and a Bachelor of Arts: Rural Social Welfare degree. Kristen Sheridan has worked in direct practice positions, including family support, homelessness and family violence specific programs, since 1997. Her experience includes case management, counselling, individual and group supervision, lecturing and training/facilitation. Kristen Sheridan has a passion for, and a sense of responsibility to, elucidate and challenge inequality, discrimination and oppression. She attempts to address this through an intersectional feminist approach, by centring the insights and experiences of those she works with and continually reflecting on her own social and professional privileges, ethics and practice.

Jean Wilson

img_9255Jean Wilson is a psychology student at Deakin University, who began as an intern with ShantiWorks in 2015. Jean actively observed, supported and contributed to the design and implementation of a ShantiWorks’ violence prevention project in three local high schools. Since becoming a member of the team, Jean’s views and ideas have broadened away from the psychology world and she has developed an interest in supporting young people experiencing challenges in their lives. Jean is currently utilising her artistic skills to create artwork for training cards developed by ShantiWorks. This artwork depicts images of social justice, culture, feminism and fathering/masculinity and aims to provoke individual thought and reflection in ShantiWorks’ training sessions. Other artwork Jean has created focuses on the expectations of body image society places on women, as well as social issues such as bullying. Jean provides a narrative with her artwork to better share the message behind the work.

Anne-lise Ah-fat

Anne-lise Ah-fat is a community organiser, mother of two, facilitator, trainer and educator who has been working within violence prevention, intervention and support for survivors of violence for 10 years. In 2011, Anne-lise co-founded Undercurrent Community Education Project, a non-profit organisation focused on building healthy relationships and challenging beliefs and actions that enable gendered violence and violence that occurs in LGBTIQ+ relationships. She continues to work on this and other primary prevention projects. Anne-lise is passionate about behaviour change and accountability, and also works as a men’s behaviour change practitioner. She uses an intersectional feminist framework to inform her counselling, individual and group supervision, lecturing and training/facilitation work. Anne-lise has an education background in sociology and is currently studying the Masters of Social Work. Anne-lise works with persons of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and believes that social change can only occur collectively.