Card Packs

These card packs have been developed by ShantiWorks’ as a tool that can be used in many ways.
Each pack contains ten cards which have a quote and accompanying artwork. Some of the artwork in these packs is displayed on this website (at the top of this page for example).

Some examples of how you could use these cards include:

  • for group discussions in workshops and meetings, bringing forward the participants ethics and frameworks important in their work and life.
  • for personal reflection activities.
  • as a tool to generate discussion when addressing struggles and difficult conversations in teams and organisations.

Of course these are just suggestions and you may find other ways to use the packs.

Feminist Card Pack – $50.00 + shipping and handling

Social Justice Card Pack – $50.00 + shipping and handling

Fathering and Masculinity Card Pack – $50.00 + shipping and handling

Culture Card Pack – $50.00 + shipping and handling