Challenging our Racialised Selves through Caucusing

Challenging our Racialised Selves through Caucusing

Cost: $150 + GST for the workshop series (all 3 days)

We invite you to courageously join us, to talk about race – your race, your racialised practices and systemic racism. This workshop will create speaking spaces, through caucusing to respectfully and rigourously explore and challenge racisms in our every day. We believe that as a country, Australia has not made visible race and racism – we have not challenged white sovereignty – and this impacts our political, legal and cultural justice work as well as our individual selves. Australia is formed by the legacies of Terra Nullius and the White Australia policy and without individual and collective activism there are limits to social justice practices and community building.

Expectations of this workshop:

• An exploration of how we as individuals, are part of systems of power

  • Unsettling and uncomfortable experiences will be managed robustly – differentiating between feelings of unsettledness and discomfort to white fragility
  • Extending and stretching ourselves: feelings of discomfort and unsettledness is an indication of the ongoing work on racism
  • Invigorating and respectful spaces for dialogue
  • Nourishing opportunities to acknowledge racisms and how they have shaped our lives

These conversations will be intentionally challenging, uncomfortable and unsettling. We want to take a robust, critical and reflexive look at how these relationships can go beyond what has been constructed through settler colonialism and racism. We want to consider possibilities for extending our activisms in our communities. We want to be clear: caucusing is not group therapy. This type of work should challenge ourselves and our world view, especially in relation to others.

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