Duluth 2019


Practising the Duluth model in our daily work with domestic violence perpetrators

Facilitated by Tracy Castelino, Lisa French, Anthony Lekkas and Rodney Vlais

Date: 25th July 2019 • Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Location: Melbourne CBD • Cost: $280 + GST

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP – “Duluth Model”) is an ever-evolving way of thinking about how a community works together to end domestic and family violence. The Duluth Model is an organising method that prioritises woman victim-survivor safety and perpetrator accountability within a social change framework. The model guides facilitators to build interventions within systems that are aligned with the realities of women and victim-survivors’ daily lives. Understanding the principles and the theoretical framework of the curriculum can deepen practices towards woman victim-survivor safety and perpetrator accountability.

In this workshop ShantiWorks will create a facilitated, shared and structured space for participants to explore:

  • Working towards coordinated community responses might mean for men’s behaviour change work, including how to strengthen accountability-informed practice
  • The understanding we hold of the DAIP-Duluth principles and theoretical underpinnings in our everyday work with men who perpetrate violence
  • Exploring key curriculum practices, such as the Equality and Control Logs
  • Deepening collegial reflective practice to enhance our accountability and our learnings
  • Listening circles to explore the politics of gender in this work

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