I want to congratulate Tracy and her team at ShantiWorks on their initiative leadership in bringing the team from Duluth to Melbourne. It was a massive and ambitious undertaking that showed leadership and vision and involved sustained effort over months to achieve.

I participated in the Growing the Duluth Model, Accountability based Group Work with Perpetrators 2 day workshop with Melissa Scaia and Graham Barnes. Having first completed training in the approach in Duluth, Minnesota, over 10 years ago, it was exciting and inspiring to re-engage with the model, learn about the growth in their understanding and practice of working with men who use violence in their families.

I appreciated the priority on using dialogue with men about their beliefs that support and justify their use of violence – over rigid adherence to curriculum – and, just as critical, the encouragement to regularly examine and reflect on our beliefs rather than see ourselves as experts or “all sorted”.

I’ve heard some who work in this field refer to their programs as “post Duluth” but the “Duluth model” is no less relevant than it ever was.

Cheryl Munzel

Centre for Non-Violence; Ending violence against women and children




This was amazing training to attend – so fortunate to hear from this very informed group of individuals.

I really enjoyed my time at this training and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the model and challenge myself in my current work environment.

It would have been great to see more Police, housing workers, people who work in the court system and even General Practitioners attend the Conference, as I believe this training would have assisted in their day to day work as well. Hopefully there can be a future opportunity for these workers/workplaces.

Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

Lorilee Biro

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