Narrative Conversations With Children & Families Affected By Family Violence

This is a two day workshop that explores some dilemmas and possibilities for enhancing children’s safety and wellbeing in family violence support work. The days are structured as follows:

Day 1– Children’s safety and wellbeing within the context of family violence with a focus on the ‘how’ of having conversations with children and the theoretical and practice issues for supportive counselling conversations with children.

Day 2– Working with fathers who are perpetrators and working with mothers who are living with perpetrators of domestic violence. This day focuses on the ‘how’ of having conversations with women and men and a therapeutic framework to navigate the difficult and complex work with families.

* Both days are stand alone and participants can select to attend one day only if preferred.
The workshop will provide an opportunity to practice and develop skills for having conversations with all members of the family and to critically reflect on practice.

This workshop is relevant to counsellors, support workers, case managers and other practitioners who work with children and families affected by family violence. We are also open to adapting the training to suit other sectors, including health sector and legal practitioners.

If you are interested in participating in, or booking this workshop, please contact us here.