ShantiWorks Gender Audit Tool

The ShantiWorks team can assist organisations to create a more gender equitable and diverse workplace by working alongside management and staff to implement the ShantiWorks Gender Audit Tool. This is a flexible and negotiated process that enables organisations to:

  • Focus on visible and invisible mechanisms of power, privilege and influence and how these form culture within the workplace.
  • Embed gender equality and diversity in organisational policies and procedures
  • Assist organisations to adopt new initiatives that enhance gender equality
  • Apply a gender equality and diversity lens to organisational partnership choices

The ShantiWorks team is happy to provide a project brief that is constructed to maximise participatory action by all levels of the organisation as research has shown that this brings about more successful and sustainable change. Each step of the process can be adapted to meet the needs of an organisation. Steps include, but are not limited to:

  1. Initial setup processes: Organisational commitment and developing project parameters
  2. Project specification drafting
  3. Audit Process utilising ShantiWorks Gender Audit Tool
  4. Analysis of selected organisation documents/policies (or similar)
  5. Analysis, theme distillation and report
  6. Feedback staff/management
  7. Review and revise themes and report
  8. Final Presentation: Action Planning
  9. Annual Review

If you are interested in this tool, please contact us here.