Rooms for Hire

ShantiWorks would like to welcome other practitioners to hire rooms within our new and vibrant office. With three main spaces, there are two private rooms and one small group work area available. There is also the option to hire the entire space for a full day. This would be ideal for someone who is starting a new business and needs a workspace for up to two days a week.


The following can be hired for a minimum of one month use. For example, if you would like to hire one private room for half a day per week, this must be for a minimum of one month (4 half days in one month).

Private Room One:
– seats up to 3 people (3 armchairs)
– whiteboard and coffee tables provided
Half day (9am-1pm): $65
Full Day (9am-5pm): $100

Private Room Two:
– seats up to four people (2, two seater couches)
– wheelchair accessible
– small laptop desk
Half day (9am-1pm): $65
Full Day (9am-5pm): $100

Small Group Work Area:
– seats up to 12 people
– white board and projector access (mac and pc friendly, computer not provided)
2 hours: $80
Half day (4 hours): $120
Full Day (9am-5pm): $200

Alternatively, you can hire the entire space:
2 hours: $105
Half day (4 hours): $170
Full Day (9am-5pm): $250


The seating in each area can be rearranged to suit personal practitioner needs. This my be useful for people using wheelchairs or people wanting to set up a massage table for example. Wifi is available for practitioners and there is also a small waiting area and tea and coffee facilities. Local public transport and parking options, with nearby cafes and food stores, make this a great location to work.

If you are interested in hiring a space, please contact us here, or by contacting Tracy on 0417362031 to chat about the details and arrange a visit.