ShantiWorkshops June-August 2019

ShantiWorkshops June-August 2019

June – The entrapments of romantic love: living with the realities of domestic violence

Dr Tracy Castelino
21st June, 2019

This workshop explores the powerful and concerning impact of romantic love discourses for women being subject to intimate partner violence.

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July – Reflective Supervision- developing and enhancing your practice

Dr Tracy Castelino
19th July, 2019

Dr Tracy Castelino is offering a half day training session about supervision practice, providing an opportunity to consider:

  • Reflecting on your role as a supervisor
  • A feminist approach to supervision practice
  • Exploring practice tensions and dilemmas
  • Translating theories into practice

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August – Responding to women’s resistance to domination in the context of domestic violence

ShantiWorks Team
30th August, 2019

Women and victim-survivors are active in their resistance to perpetrators’ use of tactics of coercive control, abuse and violence. They use sophisticated strategies of maintaining the safety of themselves and their children. These strategies and ways of resisting domination and surviving can sometimes be at odds with dominant discourses and ideas about how a woman, a victim-survivor ’should’ respond and act, particularly when the woman victim-survivor uses physical strategies of resistance and survival. As workers, we need to be able to analyse the ways that power and control is being used by perpetrators in the relationship through patterned tactics of coercive control, rather than an individual incident focus, and distinguish who is doing what to whom and with what impact.

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