Exploring our Racialised Selves Workshop Series

3 x 2.5hr workshop series:
Day 1: 3rd August 9:30am-12:30pm
Day 2: 4th August 9:30am-12:30pm
Day 3: 110th August 9:30am-12:30pm
Platform: Zoom
Cost: $280 + GST for the workshop series (all 3 days)


Black Lives Matter and Aboriginal Lives Matter movements are not once-off events relegated to 2020. Fighting and resisting white supremacy is not a new experience for people of colour – it is a daily reality in a world that demands all to revolve around whiteness. Without individual and collective activism there are limits to social justice practices and community building.

We invite you to join us, to talk about race – your race, your racialised practices and systemic racism. This workshop will create speaking spaces, through caucusing to respectfully and rigourously explore and challenge racisms in our every day. This workshop will set up and facilitate conversations through caucuses. Caucuses are dialogue processes convened along identity-based lines – this workshop is specifically on racial lines. Caucusing provides a context for a political, structured, robust and respectful collective exploration of race, whiteness, power and privilege. We will have people of colour and white people caucuses.

People of colour require a space that is not under the gaze of white people to talk about their experiences politically, personnally and freely. White people have an obligation to explore whiteness and its impact on themselves; personally, politically and professionally in this white-centric racist world.

We hope you choose to join us in this anti-racist workshop series.

We want to be clear: caucusing is not group therapy. This type of work should challenge ourselves and our world view, especially in relation to others.         

For any queries please contact admin@shantiworks.com.au                                                           

Cancellation/Refund Policy

We appreciate after securing your place in a workshop or training event unexpected events and cancellations can occur. We’ve attempted to work out a way that makes it possible for workshops to proceed while also supporting people to respond to unexpected events.

This workshop will have a discount cancellation rate available in the case of unexpected events.

Tickets are also transferable to another person, contact admin@shantiworks.com.au with those details.

– Fourteen days before workshop: 50% refund

– Less than fourteen days before workshop: NO refund

For any queries please contact admin@shantiworks.com.au