Postponed – Challenging our Racialised Selves through Caucusing

Workshop Postponed Due to COVID-19

1.5 Day Workshop

Intersectionality is now a well-used term in Victoria, Australia. The politics of Intersectionality allows us to name, explore and expose our sites of privilege and oppression – and this is critical for us all as we all have multiple sites of identity that shape us and influence how we move in this world.

However, we believe that as a country, Australia has not made visible race and racism and this impacts our political, legal and cultural justice work as well as our individual selves. Australia is formed by the legacies of Terra Nullius and the White Australia policy and without individual and collective exposure there are limits to social justice practices and community building. So, with this in mind, we invite you to join us to talk about race – your race, your racialised practices and systemic racism.

We all have cultural stories and sites of privileges and oppressions; some stories are made visible and some remain purposely invisible or silenced. This workshop offers a reflective space to name and explore political and social structures of domination that shape and inform our personal and professional selves, frame our activism, and inspire possibilities for social justice action.

This workshop aims to:

  • Explore and politicise dominant structures and discourses that reinforce white supremacy culture
  • Reflect on the context and structures of privileges and oppressions and how they shape our cultural stories
  • Explore daily acts of oppressions or ‘microagressions’ and how these are enacted interpersonally, organisationally and systemically
  • Develop macro and micro strategies of anti-oppressive practice to challenge and interrupt dominating structures of oppression. Caucusing provides a context for a political, structured, robust and respectful collective exploration of race, class, power, and privilege. We will move from collective to separate to collective in form: we will have a people of colour and a white people caucus


People of colour require a space outside of the gaze of our white colleagues to talk about how our/their experiences in both this work and in this world can be similar and drastically different.

White colleagues have an obligation to explore whiteness and its impact on their work as practitioners in this racist, white-centric world. The work of exploring whiteness is critical for people who are truly committed to social and racial justice. Because of the authority and power in whiteness, there are few forces that keep white-settler people in relationship to anti-racism.

General expectations of participants…

  • To explore what prevents white people from organizing together toward anti-racist goals
  • To hold each other accountable for actions and behaviours
  • To build relationships and deepen understanding of power/privilege
  • To build collective tools for anti-racism work
  • To explore learning edges without burdening people of colour
  • To extend beyond intellectual locations of anti-racism work; moving between micro and macro practices of anti-racism activism.

These conversations will be intentionally challenging, uncomfortable and unsettling. We want to take a robust, critical and reflexive look at how these relationships can go beyond what has been constructed through settler colonialism and racism. We want to consider the possibilities for extending our activisms in our communities.

We want to be clear: caucusing is not group therapy. This type of work should challenge ourselves and our world view, especially in relation to others.


Cancellation/Refund Policy


We appreciate after securing your place in a workshop or training event unexpected events and cancellations can occur. We’ve attempted to work out a way that makes it possible for workshops to proceed while also supporting people to respond to unexpected events.

This workshop will have a discount cancellation rate available in the case of unexpected events.

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– Fourteen days before workshop: 50% refund

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