Upcoming Workshops

ShantiWorkshops Series 2021: July – September

Delivery Method: Online

Exploring the Dominant Constructions of Consent

This reflective workshop will collectively name, expose and explore critical discourses and assumptions about consent, and thereby challenge us, our thinkings and praxis. We would like to talk with colleagues to explore some of the following questions:

  • What are the assumptions embedded in dominant teachings and frameworks for consent?
  • How do the discourses of consent shape our understanding of our selves in sexual relationships and our expectations for practice, policy and intervention?

Date: Friday 23rd July 2021, 9:30-11:30

Fee: $80 + GST

 Register: http://shantiworks.com.au/exploring-the-dominant-constructs-of-consent/

Examining Whiteness – Exploring our Racialised Selves Workshop Series

Black Lives Matter and Aboriginal Lives Matter movements are not once-off events relegated to 2020. Fighting and resisting white supremacy is not a new experience for people of colour – it is a daily reality in a world that demands all to revolve around whiteness. Without individual and collective activism there are limitations to social justice practices and community building. 

We invite you to join us, to talk about race, your race, your racialised practices and systemic racism. This workshop will create speaking spaces, through caucusing to respectfully and rigourously explore and challenge racisms in our every day.

Date: Tuesday 3rd August, Wednesday 4th August and Tuesday10th August2021

Fee: $280 + GST 

Register: http://shantiworks.com.au/shantiworkshops/challenging-our-racialised-selves-through-caucusing/

Reflective Supervision – Developing and Enhancing your Practices as a Supervisor

This workshop is designed for leaders and supervisors to come together and explore their practices.  Over this two-part workshop, we will:

  • Explore and develop your supervision thinkings and practices
  • Develop or extend your complex understandings of organisational-team and worker care
  • Explore your personal, political and professional understandings of supervision and leadership
  • Join with colleagues in order to nourish each other

Date: Monday 13th September & Monday 20th September, 2021

Fee: $200 + GST

Register: http://shantiworks.com.au/shantiworkshops/shantiworkshops/