National Shame and Injustice; Australia’s Treatment of Refugees on Manus Island

The New York Times has recently written a moving article about the injustices currently occurring within the Manus Island Detention Centre. The fact that this inhumane treatment of vulnerable people has become an international concern indicates that enough is enough. Please read the article by the New York Times below and sign the Get Up! petition to shut down Manus and Nauru. See photos from the ‘Melbourne demonstration – SOS Manus – Evacuate Now’ rally on the 26th of November below.

Farewell from Kristen

Hello all,
I have made the difficult decision to resign from ShantiWorks. I have had the most incredible experience and have thoroughly enjoyed the connections I have made with colleagues and friends. I particularly want to thank Tracy, who has shared her insights, knowledge and work experiences with a deep care and generosity. I also want to acknowledge and thank past and current team members including Jean, Tat, Fatou, Jai, Charlie, Anthony and Rodney. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside each of these fantastic people. I wish the ShantiWorks’ team all the best as the community grows and they continue their work for equality, peace and justice.
Warm smiles, Kristen